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Thursday , July 29 , 2010

Ok, so that plan didn't really work out too well and I ended up not updating for nearly two months. I make no excuses, I needed to catch up on many many many many many many many many days worth of gaming that I missed because I'm supposed to be a full-time student, and apparently they aren't supposed to have time to do things actually productive like playing games and instead have to waste time studying (have I mentioned that I'm the asshole who never studies and gets better test scores than everyone else). Anyways, sorry about that. I probably could have been on strip 100 by now if I actually went through with the original plan.

So, yea, her ability is to change the outer layers of her chassis into weapons. I have a whole big pseudo-scientific explanation for how, but I'll save that for later if I get the chance to do so. This was the result of me wanting her having any weapon she needs, without carrying them in hammer-space (though that would probably be just as believable, I mean it looks like I defy the laws of conservation of mass anyways right?).

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